Swing riots maps

This dynamic map was created as part of the research project “The Social Dynamics of Protest: Evidence from the Captain Swing Riots 1830-1831”, which is joint work with Toke Aidt (Economics) and Max Satchell (Geography), both at Cambridge. Click on the map to see how the set of parishes affected by the riots expanded over time, from the first week of 1830 to the last week of 1832. In particular, notice the dramatic increase in riots in November 1830 (8 seconds into the video).

The riots happened in three phases.

Phase 1 (1 June – 22 October 1830):
phase A

Phase 2 (23 October 1830 – 30 November 1830):
phase B

Phase 3: (1 December 1830 – 31 March 1831):
phase C