Academic research

The Social Dynamics of Collective Action: Evidence from the Captain Swing Riots 1830-1831
(with Toke Aidt, Cambridge and Max Satchell, Cambridge)
(Working paper version)

Feudalism, Collaboration and Path Dependence in England’s Political Development
British Journal of Political Science, 2018.
(Published version)(Working paper version)

The Coup: Competition for Office in Authoritarian Regimes
(with Toke Aidt, Cambridge)
Oxford Handbook of Public Choice, eds. Roger Congleton, Bernard Grofman and Stefan Voigt, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
(Working paper version)

The Democratic Window of Opportunity: Evidence from Riots in sub-Saharan Africa
(with Toke Aidt, Cambridge)

Journal of Conflict Resolution 60(4), 694-717, 2016.
(Published version)(Working paper version)

Loyalty for Sale? Military Spending and Coups d’Etat
Public Choice 159, 363-383, 2014.
(previously circulated under the title The Economic Causes of Coups)
(Published version) (Working paper version) (Online appendix)

Soldiers or Politicians? Institutions, Conflict and the Military’s Role in Politics
Oxford Economic Papers 66, 533-556, 2014.
(Published version) (Working paper version) (
Online appendix)

Strategic Redistribution: The Political Economy of Populism in Latin America
European Journal of Political Economy 34, 39-51, 2014.
(Published version) (Working paper version)

Bad Apples: Political Paralysis and the Quality of Politicians
Journal of Public Economic Theory 15(3), 433-447, 2013.
(Published version) (Working paper version)